How to start reading 4 to 6 times faster?

... and comprehend the context better than before.

Here's the story of an ambitious person who never had enough time, like you:

Adam had always been an ambitious man and always pursued the set goals. He worked a lot and put his heart in it. But he had very little time for his family and for himself.

One day when, as usual, Adam was burning midnight oil, his friend, Steve rang him up. Are you going to the lake with us tomorrow? asked Steve enthusiastically.

Oh, I'm not sure. I've got loads of work to do, said Adam regretfully. And I still have to read the trade report for Tuesday. I've got a presentation in the office.

Steve went silent for a while and then he said in a warm voice, I perfectly get what you're saying. Until recently I had the same problem. Anyway, you know it.

Yes, you've told me about it many times... Hang on! Did you say UNTIL RECENTLY?! Adam shouted indignantly. What has changed? Do you no longer care about your job?

You know, in my work reading and being up to date is what matters. As everywhere these days, I reckon. Steve continued, So I decided to do a speed reading course. And BINGO!

And what about text comprehension? When I try to read faster I don't understand anything, Adam seemed suspicious.

You know, before I started the course I had the same doubts, Steve agreed. But on the very first day I saw that things were completely different.

Can you give me the details of this course? But it must have been expensive...

If you have ever considered enrolling on a course in speed reading, you most probably gave up for the same reasons as Adam.

  • 1. You assumed that it is better to read slowly and understand more,
  • FACT: This is one of the most widespread speed reading myths repeated by people who know nothing about the idea. The truth is that when reading faster you can still understand everything!

  • 2. You were afraid that speed reading won't let you enjoy fiction books any more,
  • FACT: Speed reading can be compared to watching a film with coherent and logical plot and good dynamics.

  • 3. The course was too expensive,
  • I agree! FACT: Speed reading courses can be expensive. For example, if you wanted to have a one-to-one course with a coach, you'd have to pay up to £1800 just for a weekend session.

    The good news is that this course is much cheaper and it brings identical results. There is only one thing: you need to be more self-disciplined.

They say: TIME IS MONEY, and we say, SO LET'S GET GOING!

Time is a very important aspect of our life and one of those few things which can't be bought. Each of us has the same amount of time: 24 hours per day. It is then up to you how to use this time.

Like Adam, you may have stayed up late at night working, giving up fun. If so, you will understand what I am trying to tell you.

As a result of our course you may have up to 6 times more time for all the things you really enjoy doing.

This course will only take an hour of your time every other day over 28 days. You will then have the rest of your life to enjoy its benefits.

How to learn speed reading without hours of arduous practice?

With this course you will only need to go through 14 one-hour specially designed lessons to actually increase your reading speed.

Then simply use the acquired skills when reading. As soon as the new reading style becomes your habit you will start wondering how you could read differently in the past.

Every other day for 28 days you will receive an e-mail with one lesson. This lesson can be done at any moment during the day. It will be up to you when exactly.

How will I remember more by reading faster?

The research done by NASA and some American universities proves that our mind best absorbs information with the minimum speed of 400 words per minute. An average person reads about 200 words per minute. This is why during “slow reading” it is quite common for us to wool-gather. This problem can easily be solved by maintaining physical control over the reading speed. This is possible by means of a pointer (also e-pointer).

Most slow readers find it logical that when reading faster you will understand less.

However, our mind works differently. This is why a person who is able to read five to six 300-page books will extract more information from them. When it occurred that all the people in the world share the same feature, it was considered to be natural for the human mind which needs to receive information at a proper speed for full comprehension. Otherwise it gets bored and loses concentration.

Tony Buzan, world-famous expert in the field of creative mind techniques and the author of the idea of Mind Mapping said:

Tony Buzan

"Research is increasingly showing that the faster you read, the better your comprehension. So if you read at 1000 wpm, learn to read at 2000 wpm and your comprehension will soar like a dolphin. This is because information is organized into meaningful chunks that make immediate sense to your brain. This increased ability to understand in turn helps you to remember better." (The Mind Map Book)

Knowledge as a source of youth?

Henry Ford"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young."

- Henry Ford

How will you benefit from this course?

  • you will learn to read every book 4 to 6 times faster with full comprehension,
  • you will learn how to increase your concentration considerably,
  • you will finally stop putting off reading valuable books because reading will become nice and easy!

What else will you get?

  • more free time or more activities done within the same time span,
  • better study results,
  • increased intellectual effectiveness,
  • more time for your family and friends,
  • new dynamic start in your life,
  • greater knowledge and expertise by reading more books,
  • personal and professional development
  • and many many more...

What exactly am I going to learn in this course?

  • 1. You will read 4-6 times faster with full comprehension of what you read.
  • 2. Alphabet Games is a technique which permanently synchronises brain hemispheres. As a result you will easily absorb any knowledge you need.
  • 3. You will eliminate all your bad reading habits which do not allow you to read faster than 1000 words per minute. Having done that such a speed will be a routine for you.
  • 4. You will learn new reading strategies which will make your reading clearer, faster and more effective.

This course is cheaper than you think!

As this course is offered to you online it can be made affordable for everyone. But don't forget that what you need is at least a tiny bit of self-discipline in order to be successful.

If you think that you lack this attribute I suggest you consider doing the course with one of the qualified coaches at GoYourMind.

Kind regards,
Marcin Matuszewski
Marcin Matuszewski


How long delivery will take? In max. 36h.

The course will be delivered via e-mail. You must have Abode Reader (it`s a free software.).

price: $103

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